Think about your behaviors, you don’t know who is watching.

Release Date: [07.01.2021]



We live in a world where everyone can know who you are and what you are doing. Think about your behaviors, you don't know who is watching.

Martin lives two lives, the first is someone trying to change the world, the other is a life of mass information, violating privacy for the sake of justice, public shaming with the goal of behavior change, then taking action to change some people's existence. His intent and the consequences lead him down a different path, he is inspired and decides to make a real difference. A difference that was a lot more public and infinitely more discreet in its methods.

Think about your behaviors, you don't know who is watching. You will learn to Fear The Panopticon.


Martin Garrix

Martin is different. He can do what others can't. He does what others won't. He tries to make the world a better place, but instead of getting burned out, he finds a way. It works. He keeps to himself. He quickly realizes he needs help. He finds it in another person who also keeps to himself.

Dr. Marcus Young

Dr. Young is 90 years old. His history is known by no one alive but himself. His past is one he lived as a different person, at a different time. He made contributions to the human race for which he'll never receive credit. He doesn't want it. Now he finds himself with a need to help others. His timing is perfect.

Frank Garcia

Frank has been a police officer for 25 years, the Deputy Chief on the U.S. Capitol Police the last five. Frank is given evidence to a murder before the crime was reported. He discovered what he didn't know was possible. His training told him he should stop it, his conscience compelled him to help keep it going.

Joyce Davenport

Joyce sees dead people. She works in the morgue, handling cases that are a mystery to most. She has been a part of more than 7,000+ crime scenes. She can see what others can't. The puzzle is often solved by seeing what others don't, hearing what others can't, even if it takes her years. Frank trusts her.

Szymon Kaliszki

Szymon was at Harvard doing critical work in the study of human behavior. He went home to Poland and wasn't heard from for twelve years. When he surfaced, he spoke, consequences were paid, some in death, some went into hiding. He disappeared again, he would resurface in the most unlikely place.

Eleanor Babbick

Eleanor joined the CIA to make a difference. It was the late '50's and she was one of the only women. She was assigned a duty nobody wanted, it turned into a life of secrets and ultimately she was compelled to leak the one that would change the world.


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Release Date: [07.01.2021]
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My Life

David Armstrong is a dad of three kids and a husband to a wonderful wife. He has lived multiple lives in one. Growing up in a small town near Philadelphia, serving in the US Air Force, serving as a combat veteran, then a corporate drone and tech entrepreneur. He is a first generation American. He has never given up on what should be. He defines himself as a former rebel, now a renegade.

My Mission

I have a strong sense of justice in me. I don’t really know where it came from, but it has been with me ever since I was a young boy. My earliest memories are of me debating with someone about what should be. I would always then, and even now, get the advice or response of, well, that is how it is. I hate the response. Even now, as an adult, I will often hear the phrase, ‘It is what it is’. This is just people not willing to take action to fix what is wrong.

I have never given up, but I have failed more than I have succeeded in my pursuit of justice. The wall to climb is too high, or maybe my methods are ineffective. I do know, good or bad, I'm always willing to try.



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